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The method of sound insulation in rooms is to be very careful not to transmit sounds and noise from one room to another, when placing materials for the isolation of sounds must take into account many concepts and terms related to insulation in the interior design, through these concepts determines the type of insulation, and know the appropriate insulation, and how Isolation of sound by measuring the speed and frequency of sound, and other aspects affecting the quality and quality of insulation materials used, for example, the quality of insulation material in cinemas is different from the quality of insulation used for rooms in the home and offices, and the process of insulation through materials used during the construction of walls N Before the concrete situation, and there are several methods that can be used to implement the insulation perfectly behind.


Materials used when sound insulation in rooms
Customized reinforced and extruded polystyrene boards.
Special panels made of cork.
Brewed gypsum boards.
Foam foam or light mortar, which can be in the form of sprays usually placed between concrete mixtures, reacts well with building materials to become solid and fill all the gaps.
The panels are made of bituminous material, and its components are reinforced burlap and tar material or paper sprayed with tar material.
Polyurethane foam anti-sound spray, which resembles a light mortar texture.
Some materials are made of fresh and improved cement or so-called cement plastering.
How to isolate sound in rooms
In order to achieve good results in the process of sound insulation and blocking sound penetration through the walls, the process of insulation should be accurate, ideal and high quality of all types and there are several ways that are recommended to be used in the implementation of the following: -
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Strong and extruded polystyrene panels are placed in the insulation between the walls in the rooms.
Extremely careful to cover the entire surfaces to be insulated with materials used in insulation so that the end result is good and distinct.
Properly and correctly insulating materials in the areas designated for partitions between the walls.
Be careful not to leave any separation between the panels used for insulation.
After finishing the insulating parts and panels, the outlet shall be screwed with all cork joints and adhesive tapes.
Covering insulation boards with foam or material intended to protect insulation boards from breakage or wear.
Forms of sound insulation in rooms
The sound in the rooms can be isolated through forms in the exterior of the room such as certain partitions of gypsum and ceiling panels also prevent the transmission of sound and also give aesthetic view.
Sound can be absorbed by the use of certain lights placed on walls and ceilings whose function is to assemble and retract sound through machines in the same light.

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