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Definition of strategic plan

Most successful people resort to the order of their affairs and goals through a future plan, where they work to arrange their future, it helps them to achieve their achievements and goals that they want to achieve, and this leads them to develop a long-term strategic plan to organize their affairs, and strategic planning is A term commonly used in recent times, especially in those who organize their affairs over a long time, and the term strategic plan led to the emergence of the term tactical and there is a big difference between the two terms unknown to many people, as the term tactical express plans and objectives for a short period Time The term strategic plan reflects the objectives and visions for a long period of time, and in this article we will talk about the definition of the strategic plan and its concept and everything related to this term.
Definition of strategic plan
Strategic planning refers to the process by which the future direction is conceived by members of the senior management of an organization or organization.
After the development of the strategic plan, the ways and means by which this plan is achieved are identified.
The strategic plan also sheds light on competitors within the same sector and how to develop competitive plans in order to keep them ahead and not cause them heavy losses.
The Strategic Plan reflects the document that sets out the most important objectives and how to achieve them.
Resources are usually allocated, in addition to scheduling in the Strategic Plan.
In fact, the term strategy reflects the mechanism by which the objectives will be achieved.
The strategic plan aims to facilitate the company's access to its mission and objectives in addition to working to achieve its vision.
Stages of formulation of the strategic plan
The strategic plan is formulated through four main phases:

The first stage is called the preparation phase.
The second phase, called the analysis phase of the organization, policies and procedures, in addition to working on the analysis of internal and external changes.
The third phase, which reflects the stage of strategic options available, where a comparison is made to examine the compatibility between long-term objectives and short-term objectives.
The fourth stage, called the phase of alternative plans, aims to control the problems that may arise.
These four stages are complementary and complementary to each other and can not go through a stage without taking into account the impact of other stages on them.

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