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Public Health
It is very important for everyone to know the meaning of cleanliness; Cleanliness also expresses sophistication and civilization, and must be guidance and educational guidance, and maintain public health; to get rid of diseases, and there are many types of hygiene must know and adhere to;
Types of hygiene
Hygiene is a general term that refers to the conditions and activities that are used to maintain health and safety with proper sanitation and personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene such as oral hygiene and teeth and physical hygiene such as cleanliness of the body and hair.
Food hygiene and maintenance techniques, which relate to home and restaurants.
Household sanitation cleaner.
Public sanitation cleaner, such as clean water supply, waste disposal in proper ways.
Cleanliness of animal farms and attention to animal husbandry and care.
Clean public places such as hospitals to fight infection.
Clean environment and attention to plants and planted properly; for a clean and clean environment, which is one of the most important types of hygiene.
Hygiene benefits
Cleanliness is the title of civilization and progress in society, a learned behavior acquired by the person learning and education, and the benefits of hygiene:
Neel the love of God - the Almighty - and His Messenger - peace be upon him - to the person interested in cleanliness.
Feeling of psychological comfort and vitality.
Respect and appreciation by others, and get closer to them.
Disposal of diseases; because AED prevention is better than a pound of cure.
Necessary tips for maintaining cleanliness
To achieve optimum security, you must adhere to some guidelines and tips to maintain cleanliness, including these tips:

Wash your hands before and after eating or preparing food, wear gloves.
Clean the genitals, constant bathing, switch underwear.
Clean your mouth and teeth with toothpaste, get rid of bad breath, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy foods, such as vegetables and fruits.
Cleaning workplaces, hospitals, offices and floors; to get rid of germs and bacteria.
Keep water clean, wash water tanks from time to time, and drink clean water.
Covered food should be kept in the refrigerator.
Vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly washed before ingestion.
Trimming nails; to get rid of dirt and germs that accumulate under the nails.
Open windows and ventilate places; to refresh the air and get fresh air.
It is recommended to use deodorants to get rid of bad smell.
Avoid using others' special needs.

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